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Biden’s Battle For Gun Control In The US

 Biden’s Battle For Gun Control In The US
  • President Biden wants to meet with Congress regarding gun legislation
  • Measure comes after 21 children were killed in a school in Uvalde, Texas
  • Guns are seen as a constitutional right in the US
  • Gun reform is opposed by the US gun lobby group called the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the most powerful lobby groups in the US with an estimated five million members
  • The NRA spent about $250m in promotion and lobbying in 2020, far more than all the country’s gun control advocacy groups put together. It spends $3 million per year to influence gun policy
  • To introduce gun legislation Democrats needs 60 votes in the Senate where they have 50 seats
  • They need unanimity on their side with 10 Republican votes
  • Most Republicans are opposed to gun control and the main reason is money
  • Former president Donald Trump received $30 million for his presidential campaign from the NRA in 2016
  • Trump championed gun rights at the recently held annual NRA convention in Houston
  • Over 12 other Republicans have received $1 million for campaign funding


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