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‘Divisions Within Europe Will Increase If Russia Wins Ukraine War’

New Delhi: Europe has so far shown unprecedented unity in supporting Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia but certain events (if they were to take place) could change that and even threaten the continent’s future in the long term, feels Austria-based geopolitical strategist Velina Tchakarova. In an interview with StratNews Global’s Editor-in-Chief Nitin Gokhale, Tchakarova points out that while European and Nato nations have shown unity in sanctioning Russia over Ukraine, differing voices within the bloc will only get louder should the US’s decoupling from China increase and Russia emerge victorious from the Ukraine war. She points to the US, UK and East European nations who want to weaken Russia at any cost in contrast to French and German bloc, who were encouraging rapprochement with Moscow prior to the war, as one of major problems that could emerge thereby strengthening divisions in an already fractured continent. On the issue of mediation, Tchakarova says that while India has done an excellent job as G-20 president of bringing the concerned nations together there is no interest in a resolution as both Russia and Ukraine believe they can win. A lot will depend on the next few months.


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  • EU excluded Russia from all channels and all arrangements of the Union from the beginning. Russia should have been included sometime during the process. I believe that it may not even be too late to engage with Russia. In fact sanction has been overused. It’s not going to work and end up in peace. Its not just about Russia but with other countries neighboring Europe, such as Turkey, Iran or Georgia.

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