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‘China’s Rise Will Slow Down; India Can Be An Alternative For Firms Moving Out Of China’

NEW DELHI: COVID-19 is one of those black swan events that will change the world forever, says Gautam Bambawale, former Indian Ambassador to China. Speaking to StratNews Global on whether China’s centrality will diminish post-COVID-19, Bambawale feels China will continue to grow though at a slower pace but its reputation has been badly impacted due to which it will have to take a lower profile in international relations. Parag Khanna, Global Strategy Advisor, who joined in the conversation from Singapore, agrees that China’s standing has taken a hit but it can sustain its domestic transformation without the global economy recovering as it’s largely a consumption-driven economy. On global firms looking for places beyond China where they can manufacture, both Bambawale and Khanna feel India can benefit but needs to showcase itself as an attractive market. China wants to socialise its toxic assets, says Khanna, adding that money speaks more than the pandemic, as far as the country is concerned.

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  • An excellent discussion pointing to a positive fall out of the current unfortunate pandemic in respect of India’s benefiting from the situation in terms of its trade and economy. All the best.

  • I remember as a school boy, filching money from my mother’s purse to buy a fountain pen (Hero) smuggled from China to write my exams. Indian fountain pens (Wilson, Doric, Pilot, etc) would pick up paper fibers in the nib, scratch and leak all over the answer paper and your hands making you feel very patriotic as if you had gone out and voted for the scum of India several times on the same day!
    Nothing has changed.
    India cannot benefit because India’s 73 year old “Command economy” built by Nehruvian Socialism and espoused by every Indian Government since, and with even greater technology assisted vim and vigour by Modi and Jet Lee has rendered India incapable of producing goods and services to International expectations of quality, reliability and price after supporting the enormous over head of unproductive, over paid, under employed, unaccountable Judges, Bureaucrats, Police, Politicians, Public Sector, their extortion, corruption and doles to Moslems, Depressed Classes and other acts of appeasement and vote bank purchases .
    It will take India a hundred years at the very least to become a powerful and prosperous nation after it dismantles its “For Government, By Government, To Government” Quota (Reservations / License) and Corruption (Extortion / Percentage) Raj.
    But yes China is done for.As its out of control Bio Weapon achieves a global tally of 156, 000 human lives in a matter of weeks, the back lash begins. Paul Krugman’s prognosis for China’s economic recovery: “Never”

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