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The Significance of Nyoma And Hanle Against The China Threat In Ladakh: Episode Teaser

StratNews Global continues to document the Indian military's fourth winter of forward deployment in Ladakh post the deadly 2020 Galwan clashes with China's PLA.

Nyoma, Hanle and the China threat. Don’t Miss ‘The Himalayan Frontier’, Part XI. A StratNews Global team of Amitabh P. Revi, Rohit Pandita and, Karan Marwaha document the Indian military’s fourth winter of forward deployment in the face-off with China. We travel from Leh to Nyoma. And film the Indian Army’s armoured corps and artillery presence at heights above 13,000 feet and temperatures below minus 20 degrees Centigrade. We also visit the Nyoma Advanced Landing Ground. It is being converted to a full-fledged airfield, just 50 kilometres from the Line of Actual Control. And then drive to Hanle to document the changes in an Army camp, from the last time we visited in 2020. Nyoma, Hanle and, the China threat is the focus in episode XI of our series of on-the-ground reports.

We also capture the spectacular stars in the sky from India’s first dark sky reserve in this remote part of south-eastern Ladakh.

Other episodes in the series:

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Firstly, an exclusive interview with the then Northern Army Commander, now Vice Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen. Upendra Dwivedi. In Episode I, he tells StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin Gokhale that the “situation is stable but sensitive and not normal”. Secondly,the Indian Army Chief, General Manoj Pande speaks to Nitin Gokhale in an exclusive interview in Episode II. He points out that talks with China are continuing at both military and diplomatic levels. But also notes India is maintaining a robust posture along the LAC. Thirdly, Part III documents India’s Infra Thrust To Ladakh In Countering China & Pakistan in a ground report. Episode IV documents The Nimu-Padam-Darcha (NPD) Road: Critical Connectivity To The China-Pakistan Himalayan Fronts In Ladakh. Also, in Part V: The Director General of the Border Roads Organisation, Lt General Raghu Srinivasan speaks to us on the frozen Zanskar River ‘Chadar’ trail.

Additionally,  Episode VI is on The Indian Air Force & The China-Pakistan two-front Ladakh Threat. An interview with the Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Station, Leh, Air Commodore D.S.Handa. Part VII is an on-the-ground report on The Indian Air Force’s China Challenge In Ladakh And A Slice Of Tibet. In Episode VIII: The Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhuri speaks exclusively to Nitin A. Gokhale. And, in Part IX, we document the Siachen Glacier—A Triangular Wedge In The Pakistan, China Threat At The World’s Third Pole. In Part X, we document India’s northernmost Air Base at Thoise and its criticality against the China-Pakistan two-front threat.