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‘The Ladakh Standoff Is China’s Way Of Messaging India’

NEW DELHI: China is sending India a message, that the pinpricks on the Line of Actual Control will continue until Delhi acknowledges Beijing’s interests in this part of the world. Prof. B.R. Deepak, who teaches and researches on China at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told StratNews Global that China does not believe India has lived up to the commitment made at the two informal summits, of partnering China. Rather Beijing’s worst fears of India are coming true, of an assertive Delhi tying up with the US and other western allies to “contain” China. Of course, China will not accept the view that India will not be any country’s handmaiden, and will pursue its strategic interests. This means not becoming a part of CPEC because it is being done on territory that India considers its own: Pak Occupied Kashmir. Deepak says the Line of Actual Control will therefore remain a “grey” area for China, one which it will continually contest, hoping that at some point India will agree to a border resolution which suits China.

Surya Gangadharan

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  • Despite our noise the loss to the Indian side will be more given China’s strength, our internal rumblings, the Pakistani factor. We made a blunder of not guarding properly despite new CDS. Blame game like post 1962 or 1999 has started. In 1962 the then Def Min, the vitriolic Menon, misinformed the Nation , and history is repeated with no one at Governmental level confirming Chinese occupying disputed land further. More co-ordination is reqd among Intelligence Agencies, MEA, MoD, States, PMO, other Military Strategists, incl IDSA.

  • It has become imperative that china is not going to change its tactics vis-a-vis India. Now what India should do, firstly stood firm and face the bully as we did in doklam because it is not in a position to wage war against any nation as it’s economy is shrinking. Therefore the strategy of Stubborn Defence must be applied as it was successfully adopted by Gen Sagat Singh, Gen Manekshaw etc. During the war of 1967. Same strategy was again a success in Operation Chequered board by Gen Sundarji and Gen V P Mullick during 1980-90. Secondly chinese leadership must be made aware in clear terms that such sort of agrresive behaviour on indian borders will have economic consequences for china.

  • Prof.Deepak. Do you, teach, China with a communist mind or Indian mind.?

  • Whole world knows that China is an expansionist country and China very well knows that India would never submit to its whims & fancies, it indulged on Sino-Indian borders, more so when PM Narendra Bhai Modi is at the helms.
    It is a well known fact that Tibet has been an autonomous region, which was forcibly & deceitfully occupied by China, where it entered in the name of developing the region & to construct roads there in, just like CPEC it is doing in POK, which legitimately belongs to India.
    Now whole world knows that after Wuhan Virus Pandemic, China is left with no supporters except Pakistan, which is highly indebted & North Korea whose economy is in shambles.
    At present, whole world is against China & are supporting India. All the major powers are now getting united to counter China & its Economy, which can easily be done, as China trades through South China sea to the tune of 3.5 Lakh Crores worth alone.
    With Taiwan & Hongkong raising their voices against China’s dictatorial attitude, Tibet wouldn’t stand far behind & might approach UNO for its freedom & why not ?
    It is high time that China realized that it isn’t 1962’s India, when it tactfully back stabbed it, but India is a power to reckon with now in its own way.
    China must keep away from Indian borders, lest it goes Iraq’s way & collapses under it’s own weight in case if a conflict with India.
    Jai Hind
    – J. N. Kaushik Adv New Delhi –

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