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India Concentrating On China Dispute in Finger 4-8 Ladakh Area, Aware Other Pinpricks Are Camouflage

NEW DELHI: India’s 14 Corps Commander meets the chief of China’s Southern Xinjiang Military District on June 6 to try and resolve the standoff between the Indian and People’s Liberation Army in Ladakh. ‘Talking Point‘ with Lt. Gen Susheel Gupta, the former Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Nitin Gokhale, Founder and Editor-in-Chief StratNews Global and BharatShakti anchored by StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi decodes the aggression followed by talks. General Gupta, who was part of the team that raised the 14 Corps post Kargil explains the strategic importance of the area north of Galwan right up to the Karakoram Pass- Sub Sector North (SSN) because of the lines of communication for the Siachen Glacier. Nitin Gokhale stresses India is aware of China’s strategy of opening up several pressure points and then appearing reasonable in negotiations by agreeing to withdraw from some. The real intentions are camouflaged and New Delhi’s focus is clear: Restore the status quo ante between fingers 4-8 In Ladakh, he adds. What happened in the Galwan region in early May? What’s the topography and the history of roads being built by both sides in that area? Is India winning that particular race and is that what forced the Chinese hand? StratNews Global’s Editor-in-Chief also illustrates how the Galwan pin prick is just a red herring in Beijing’s larger scheme of things with the help of maps sourced from knowledgeable military enthusiast Rohit Vats.

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