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‘China’s Way Forward Has Consequences For The World’

NEW DELHI: The die it appears is cast. China’s president Xi Jinping has formally addressed the 20th party congress, detailing over two hours, a “work report” on achievements so far and the goals going forward. In this conversation on StratNewsGlobal, Gen. S L Narasimhan, former defence attache in China and head of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, analyses what Xi Jinping means when he talks of achieving a modern socialist country. Important to note that China achieved the goal of a “moderately prosperous society” last year. So the next 15 years could be intended to propel China into the world’s dominant economic power. But with what consequences for the rest of the world? Gen Narasimhan addresses that question, also Xi’s warning of dangerous storms ahead, what these are and does that imply more pressure on India’s disputed border with China.

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