South Asia and Beyond

‘China’s True Colours Making Taiwan More Important Strategically, Economically And Politically’

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point’, Dr Ming-shih Shen, Director of the National Security Research Division at Taipei’s Institute for National Defence & Security Research and a retired army Colonel and Dr. Roger C. Liu, Associate Professor, Chair, South & South East Asia Studies at FLAME University in Pune in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

The panellists discuss fears of war, Taiwan’s latest national defense assessment, the Pentagon’s report on China’s military and strategic capabilities, how Beijing wants to reclaim Taiwan without a fight, Xi Jinping cementing his power, his virtual summit with President Joe Biden, U.S. reliability, how India can gain knowledge of PLA psychology, fighting strategy and increase Mandarin skills of soldiers from more contacts with Taiwan and whether going nuclear is an option for Taipei to deter China.


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