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‘China’s Naval And Air Drills Are To Deter Taiwan From Independence’

NEW DELHI: A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is not imminent but the air and naval drills being conducted in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea are intended to send a message to the island, says Dr Jyun-yi Lee of the INSDR think tank in Taipei. Speaking on The Gist, Dr Jyun said China still lacks certain elements necessary for a successful amphibious invasion. Perhaps, they may find it more convenient to occupy some of the small islands in the strait or beyond. But the Chinese people may demand that the government go the whole hog, which could create difficulties for Xi Jinping. Dr Jyun is confident that the US will come to Taiwan’s aid in the event of a Chinese invasion. It’s important to note that there is now a permanent US naval presence around Taiwan and there are some US troops based on the island. Tune in for more in this conversation with Dr Jyun-yi Lee on Taiwan.

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