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‘China Sees India As Crucial To Its Long Term Development, Yet Undermines That Goal’

NEW DELHI: China takes India very seriously and sees this country as crucial to its long term economic prosperity. So far so good, now comes the negative part: India must put off resolving the border dispute with China, it must join the BRI as that would help Beijing move legacy industries from the east coast to the west so as to develop Xinjiang etc etc.

These and related issues were the subject of a conversation on The Gist with Antara Ghosal Singh, China scholar at the Observer Research Foundation who has written a paper on these issues for the Stimson Center in the US.

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Antara believes that there is a contradiction at the heart of the Chinese system: one which seeks to draw India into its neighbourhood strategy where China is pre-eminent, and the other which sees India as a major power (without acknowledging so) that can seriously upset Beijing’s plans by bandwagoning with the US.

Tune in for more in this chat with Antara Ghosal Singh.