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Growing Women Rural Entrepreneurs

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India Innovation Hub (RBIIH) together with SALT, an organisation devoted to bridging the gap in gender finance, released a white paper. It linked India’s ability to scale its economy to $5 trillion to the speed at which it can nurture its women entrepreneurs in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities—popularly referred to as middle India.

The timing of the study is excellent. It comes in the backdrop of a public policy pivot over the last decade, which led to a host of initiatives undertaken by the union and state governments to empower women. A strategy inspired by teaching people how to fish, rather than being given fish. Especially in solving for staggering scale, the access to basics like electricity, banking, cooking gas, housing, drinking water, health insurance and so on.

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To get a ground up view of this transformation StratNews Global spoke to Gaurav Mehta, CEO of Dharma Life. His organisation is working in middle India to encourage and create women entrepreneurs.