South Asia and Beyond

Anil Padmanabhan

Anil Padmanabhan has been a journalist for the last 36 years. He has worked in various capacities in several publications including Afternoon Despatch & Courier, Press Trust of India, Business Standard, Mint and was based in New York for India Today. He was a Nieman Fellow in 2001. He tweets at @capitalcalculus.

Antifragile India

NEW DELHI: Addressing the ‘Global Business Summit’ hosted by The Economic Times last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that appropriate policy action had enabled India to transform into an ‘antifragile’ nation. “The world has changed, global systems have changed, and India has also changed. In the recent past, we all have heard a lot […]Read More

A Happy Coincidence

NEW DELHI: India has a rare opportunity of proving its leadership mettle on the global stage, having simultaneously assumed leadership of three key international bodies. For December India is the serving President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the global body mandated with the task of maintaining international peace and security. Similarly, a little […]Read More

The Elephant’s Waltz

NEW DELHI: Unmindful of all the doom scrolling in mainstream media, Morgan Stanley last week put out a report on India that was not merely optimistic. It was a hosanna. Their outlier claim is that the next decade is India’s for the taking. “The four global trends of Demographics, Digitalization, Decarbonization and Deglobalization are favouring the […]Read More

The Dragon’s Stumble

NEW DELHI: In 2007, the Chinese economy recorded a stupendous growth of 14.2%. Fifteen years later, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects that economic growth will slow to 3.2% this year. In fact, the country may be lucky to log this, given the rapidly deteriorating global situation. Indeed, this is a stunning slowdown. And that […]Read More

India @ 100

NEW DELHI: It has been over a week since India celebrated 75 years of Independence. And, most of you would have also heard and processed the lengthy speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last Monday. Today I will attempt a recap and unpack the speech delivered on this historic occasion and how the PM remains invested […]Read More