South Asia and Beyond

U.S. Approach To Afghanistan: Missing The Woods For The Trees

ZURICH: The United States is losing in Afghanistan because it lied to itself. Its war against the Taliban was never driven by a vision of fighting terrorism through nation-building, even though that was what policy debates implied. Rather, the conflict was a two-level engagement: an instinctive reprisal against Al Qaeda to exact vengeance for 9/11, […]Read More

An Axis Of Elite Corruption: CPEC Beyond The ‘Win-Win’ Rhetoric

ZURICH: If the name ‘China’ were deleted from ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’ (CPEC), nobody except terrorism-watchers would pay attention to the country that remains. CPEC is projected by Islamabad as a ‘game-changer’ but it might only be a Pakistani reputation-laundering exercise that although strategically important is economically less than crucial to Beijing. The corridor provides a […]Read More