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Ashwin Ahmad

Traveller, bibliophile and wordsmith with a yen for international relations. A journalist and budding author of short fiction, life is a daily struggle to uncover the latest breaking story while attempting to be Hemingway in the self-same time. Focussed especially on Europe and West Asia, discussing Brexit, the Iran crisis and all matters related is a passion that endures to this day. Believes firmly that life without the written word is a life best not lived. That’s me, Ashwin Ahmad.

Israel-Hamas Violence: As U.S. Dithers, China Rallies Arab Bloc

NEW DELHI: Though the fighting in Gaza is yet to come up in the UN General Assembly, many countries have spelt out their stand among them China. Addressing the Security Council via video link, Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a four-point programme to tackle the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, thereby underscoring China’s willingness to embrace a […]Read More

India-EU Summit: Tech Outcomes Likely But No Great Expectations On

NEW DELHI: Ahead of the virtual summit between India and the 27-member European Union (EU) on Saturday, both sides exuded optimism about the larger relationship although carefully skirting any expectations about a breakthrough in talks on a free trade area (FTA). In a jointly-penned editorial in the online magazine Politico, Narendra Modi and his Portuguese […]Read More

India’s Welfare Critically Important To U.S.: Kamala Harris

NEW DELHI: Declaring that the “welfare of India is critically important to the United States” Vice President Kamala Harris was quick to rebuff charges from her critics that both she and the administration had been slow to respond to India during its moment of crisis. “The surge of Covid-19 outbreaks and deaths in India is […]Read More

Virtual Summit: India, UK Announce £1 bn Trade, Investment Deal

Deeper economic co-operation between India and the UK was already on the agenda before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Prime Minister Boris Johnson held their virtual summit but the takeaways were still impressive. The first step was the adoption of ‘Roadmap 2030’ which will provide a framework for UK-India relations across health, […]Read More

Don’t Interfere; We’ve A Lot Of Other Options, MBS Elbows

Arab potentates are known to favour being interviewed by Western TV channels, so when Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave an interview to Arabic channel Al Arabiya, something was in the air. On Wednesday, the Crown Prince appeared to draw a line in the sand. Saudi Arabia was “in agreement with the Biden […]Read More