South Asia and Beyond

Ashwin Ahmad

Traveller, bibliophile and wordsmith with a yen for international relations. A journalist and budding author of short fiction, life is a daily struggle to uncover the latest breaking story while attempting to be Hemingway in the self-same time. Focussed especially on Europe and West Asia, discussing Brexit, the Iran crisis and all matters related is a passion that endures to this day. Believes firmly that life without the written word is a life best not lived. That’s me, Ashwin Ahmad.

India Maneuvers For Strategic Space In East Africa

NEW DELHI: Growing rivalries in the Red Sea littoral and China’s expanding military and commercial profile, saw the first ever joint naval drills between India and Saudi Arabia recently. But Africa watchers say the pressing need is for India to promote a stronger naval presence especially along the coast of East Africa, which China is […]Read More

Divergences On China, Myanmar At Quad Meeting

NEW DELHI: A virtual meeting of senior Quad officials discussed a laundry list of issues ranging from cooperation on the pandemic and vaccines to maritime and cyber security, counterterrorism, infra and connectivity, climate change, disaster relief and so on. It seemed to have reverted to an old practice with each participating member (Australia, India, Japan, […]Read More

India, Saudi Naval Drill Reflects Concern Over Red Sea Rivalries

NEW DELHI: The first ever naval exercise between India and Saudi Arabia in the western Indian Ocean, is also a delicate balancing act by Delhi given the historic and strategic rivalry between Riyadh and Tehran. But the exercise also reflects South Block’s concerns over the Red Sea, a little over 4000-km from Indian shores littered […]Read More

Jaishankar Courts Iran But Has To Contend With US Plans

NEW DELHI: What are the takeaways from External Affairs Minister’s S Jaishankar’s visit to Iran for the swearing-in of new President Ebrahim Raisi? Iran has been engaged with Afghanistan for at over 15 years and analysts say the ground realities today are far different from the 1990s. For one, the Shia-Sunni divide between Iran and […]Read More

U.S. To Stay Engaged In Afghanistan; Ties With India Vital:

NEW DELHI: If there were any doubts in Delhi about the visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, these were dispelled when he said “There are few relationships in the world that are more vital than the one between the US and India. We are two of the world’s leading democracies and diversity fuels […]Read More

Xi Jinping’s Tibet Visit: Carrot For Tibetans, Stick For India

NEW DELHI: Two key takeaways from President Xi Jinping’s visit to Lhasa and Nyingchi in Tibet, the latter is close to India’s border state of Arunachal Pradesh. “The focus of the Xi visit is to show that firstly through their policies they have cured the fundamental issue in Tibet which is economic backwardness,” argues Prof. […]Read More

‘If Hamas Can Establish Itself As A Political Party Why

NEW DELHI: Amid reports that the Taliban flag is flying over Spin Boldak, the Afghan border crossing into Pakistan, India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Dushanbe for an SCO meeting, unveiled a 3-point roadmap calling for a peaceful democratic and united Afghanistan; end to all terror attacks on civilians and state representatives with a […]Read More