South Asia and Beyond

Amitabh P. Revi

Russian language speaker and conflict journalist. Amitabh Revi has been there, done that—from the battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to sublime Russia, Australia and the United States. Along the way he's picked up the Dag Hammarskjöld Distinguished Journalist Fellowship, the Ramnath Goenka award for coverage of the Iraq War and RT's Khaled Alkhateb Award for his reporting from Palmyra, Syria.

World Knows India’s Corona Capabilities, ‘Developed’ Nations Not As Able: Suresh Prabhu

NEW DELHI: “Global institutions were under severe stress even before COVID, some were ineffectual, some ineffective. You can call it a comorbidity,” says Suresh Prabhu, India’s Sherpa to the G-20 and G-7, adding, now during the pandemic “we’re facing a critical, unprecedented situation”. The world “needs strong institutions and strong leadership, which is also participative,” […]Read More

India Needs To Protect Cyber Sovereignty Like Its Defending Border With China: Former Israel Defence Forces Cyber Head

NEW DELHI: “The digital landscape is growing very, very fast. Like the traditional domains we are used to protecting—borders, skies and seas—protecting this landscape takes a lot of effort. Just like protecting the body you need to deal with viruses. Countries need to understand where the threat is, they need to understand how serious the […]Read More

India Unlikely To Escape U.S. Sanctions Without Wider Waiver For Russian S-400s: Analyst Richard Rossow

NEW DELHI: “We’re (India-U.S.) in a dangerous place right now (over the India-Russia S-400 air defence system deal). The good odds are that we’re going to end up in a bad place on this (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act-CAATSA) unless we end this game of chicken,” says Richard Rossow, Wadhwani Chair, U.S.-India Policy Studies, […]Read More

First Time U.S Has Said It Will Protect Taipei, Warned China Of High Price: Taiwan MP Wang Ting-Yu

NEW DELHI: The U.S. White House declassifying the Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific is “very important and significant since it was supposed to be classified for 30 years, says Taiwan Member of Parliament Wang Ting-yu. “It reveals a layered strategy clearly” and “warns China if it dares to do something stupid (forcibly unify Taiwan), the price will […]Read More