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India and Australia Have Discovered Each Other As Strategic Partners in Indo-Pacific: Rory Medcalf

The head of the National Security College at the Canberra-based Australian National University, Prof Rory Medcalf is no stranger to India. Not only has he served as a diplomat at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi in the early 2000s but over the years he’s kept a sharp eye on the evolving India-Australia relationship as well as the emerging security architecture in the Indo-Pacific. He’s also recently come out with a book called ‘Contest for Indo-Pacific’ (Australian edition). Prof Medcalf spoke to StratNews Global Deputy Editor Parul Chandra and shared his views on the Modi-Morrison Summit, the Indo-Pacfic and China, among other things. The Summit’s outcomes, he said, mark a profound step in the India-Australia strategic relationship. Prof Medcalf also noted that the present era is one that’s being framed by some very important summits between the “middle players”, India being among them. Watch this interview for more:

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