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India’s ‘Responsible’ AI Roadmap Envisages Whole Of Nation Approach

 India’s ‘Responsible’ AI Roadmap Envisages Whole Of Nation Approach

PM Modi speaking at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence summit held in New Delhi last month.

NEW DELHI: In a little over two weeks from now, India will kick off the Global Artificial Intelligence Summit, a two-day (January 18-19) event focused on five key areas: defence and cyber security, healthcare, agriculture, education, robotics & automation. It is expected to take forward some of Prime Minister Modi’s ideas reflected at the summit of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) in Delhi last December, where he said: “We have prepared government policies and programmes inspired by the spirit of ‘AI for All’. Our endeavour is to take full advantage of the capabilities of AI for social development and inclusive growth. India is fully committed to responsible and inclusive growth of AI.” Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MoS Electronics and IT, threw more light on the government’s roadmap for AI. “The mission given by PM is very clear. There is this huge opportunity given by a trillion-dollar economy. We are half-way, we want to get there by 2026. AI, semiconductor electronics are big pieces of that. We as government will make sure those ambitions come through not as implemented by government but by hundreds of start-ups, innovators and companies throughout the country,” he said....Read More

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