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Zelenskiy Lauds Macron’s Promise To Provide Fighter Aircraft


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed gratitude to France on Friday for its support and expressed hope to see French Mirage 2000 jets in Ukrainian skies soon. This followed French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement that France plans to provide warplanes to aid Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

Zelenskiy has repeatedly voiced frustration over the delayed decisions from Western allies regarding military support. Speaking to French lawmakers, he referenced the WWII aircraft that flew over the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, where he was present. “I’m sure that a day will come when Ukraine will see the same jets in our skies that we saw in Normandy skies yesterday,” he stated.

“Your combat aviation, brilliant fighter jets under Ukrainian pilots’ command will prove that Europe is stronger, stronger than evil which dared to threaten it,” Zelenskiy continued. He emphasised the importance of unity and shared ideals between Ukraine and its allies.

During the D-Day anniversary, U.S. President Joe Biden urged Western powers to continue their support for Ukraine, while Macron assured that Europe would not waver. However, Macron did not specify the number of Mirage jets to be provided, the timeline, or the financial terms.

He also announced that France has proposed to train Ukrainian pilots starting this summer. The Mirage 2000 is a versatile, single-engine jet fighter.

“We do everything for our cooperation to be remembered … in 80 years as a victorious battle, it’s so important,” Zelenskiy remarked.

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Despite the standing ovations Zelenskiy received from the National Assembly, the attendance was noticeably lower than when he first addressed them in March 2022.

Zelenskiy reiterated the importance of not allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the war. “Can this war end on the lines that exist now? No, because there are no lines for evil, not 80 years ago, not now.”

Ukraine’s military acknowledges deteriorating conditions on the eastern front. Two years of conflict have depleted Ukraine’s ammunition and manpower, and last year’s failed counter-offensive has dampened morale.

Although the U.S. Congress approved a $60 billion military package in April, a global shortage of artillery shells suggests Ukraine may remain outgunned by Russia for the rest of the year as allies increase production.

During the D-Day anniversary, Zelenskiy shared a poignant moment with a veteran, who kissed Zelenskiy’s hand and called him the saviour of the people. Zelenskiy, kneeling to meet the veteran’s eye level, responded: “No, you saved Europe.”

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