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Xi Jinping Calls For ‘Loyalty And Honesty’ From Younger Officials

 Xi Jinping Calls For ‘Loyalty And Honesty’ From Younger Officials

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged young and middle-aged officials to be loyal, honest and “keen on reform and innovation”, Chinese state news agency Xinhua said.

In order to lift the morale of the people in the midst of economic shocks, Xi said, “[Young and middle-aged officials] must actively practice loyalty and honesty towards the party, and must make their political stance clear.”

Xi also called upon young cadres of the Communist Party to be honest and show a degree of unity.

“[Party members] should be strong promoters of good and clean political ecology … resolutely oppose privileged thoughts and privileged behaviours, and maintain the political integrity of the party,” Xi added.

Xi urged the young party members to solve prominent problems and be “keen on reform and innovation and dare to confront difficulties”.

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The Chinese government has been keen on highlighting the role of innovation and reform in modernising the country. The Chinese economy has been facing a lowdown and the government is drafting a new bill that would boost and promote the private sector in the country The new law, which is expected soon will “respond to enterprises’ concerns” and use legal measures to “effectively implement equal treatment of state-owned and private enterprises,” CCTV had reported.

Xi’s comment comes in the midst of the Communist party fighting allegations of corruption and other problems. In January, the Chinese president had warned that the party needs to fight these allegations with “tenacity, perseverance and precision”.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China’s top anti-corruption body, has revealed that over 1 lakh party officials faced disciplinary action last year.

Recently, Qin Gang, the former foreign minister of China, who was missing from public view since June last year, resigned from the national legislature. Also, Li Shangfu from the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, the key military command body was stripped of their titles. The reason for dismissal has not been revealed.