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Chinese Firms Must Choose Between West And Russia, US Warns


Deputy U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo stated on Friday that the United States and the European Union must deliver a clear message to China: its firms must choose between doing business with Western economies or supplying Russia with dual-use goods.

During a visit to Berlin, Adeyemo emphasised, “Chinese firms can either do business in our economies or they can equip Russia’s war machinery with dual-use goods. They can’t continue to do both.”

Adeyemo stressed the readiness of the U.S. and EU to use sanctions and export controls to hold Chinese companies accountable if they support Russia. This stance aligns with the Biden administration’s increased focus on China’s support for Russia.

In December, President Joe Biden issued an executive order threatening sanctions on financial institutions aiding Moscow in evading Western sanctions.

Last year, Russia imported $5.2 billion worth of sensitive, dual-use goods, which have both civilian and military applications, from Chinese suppliers, according to Adeyemo.

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He warned that failing to stop China from supplying these goods to Russia poses a significant threat to Europe’s national security. Adeyemo highlighted that many goods from coalition countries found in Russian military equipment are being transhipped through China.

Adeyemo’s statements follow recent warnings from other U.S. officials. On Wednesday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell accused China’s leadership of supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine and warned of potential further sanctions from the United States and NATO allies.

Additionally, on Tuesday, White House Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economics Daleep Singh stated that the U.S. and its partners were prepared to use sanctions and export controls to prevent China-Russia trade that threatens their security amid the ongoing Ukraine war.

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