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Chad: Opposition Leader Challenges Poll Results, Alleges Fraud


Chadian opposition leader Succes Masra has filed a legal appeal with the country’s Constitutional Council, challenging the preliminary results of the May 6 presidential election in the Central African nation.

On Thursday, the state-run national election management body declared interim President Mahamat Idriss Deby the winner, with a provisional result showing 61.3% of the vote. Masra was placed a distant second with 18.53%.

Before the official results were announced, Masra, who is also the prime minister of a transitional government, claimed victory and alleged electoral fraud. He stated, “With the help of our lawyers, we submitted a request to the Constitutional Council to reveal the truth of the ballot boxes,” in posts on social media platforms Facebook and X on Sunday. Masra urged his supporters to remain calm.

Masra shared a copy of a receipt showing that documents had been filed with the council. An opposition official close to Masra said the submission included copies of results sheets from polling stations, a table summarising the figures, and videos allegedly showing ballot stuffing and other irregularities. “We documented everything,” the person stated.

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Political tensions are high in Chad, the first of several coup-hit countries in West and Central Africa to attempt a return to constitutional rule. Deby seized power in April 2021 after rebels killed his long-ruling father, Idriss Deby.

Following the announcement of the results, at least ten people, including children, were killed, and dozens injured by celebratory gunfire on Friday, according to Amnesty International and Chadian media.

Chad’s health ministry confirmed that several people were injured during the celebration of Deby’s win. However, the ministry asked journalists not to film or report on patients inside hospitals, a move condemned by Chad’s press unions.

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