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Burglars Escape With $30 Million In Cash In Los Angeles Easter Sunday Heist

The brazen burglary at a Los Angeles money storage facility is one of the largest cash heists in the city's history.
Site of $30 m Easter Sunday heist in LA
TV grab showing site of the Easter Sunday robbery in Los Angeles

Los Angeles was shaken by what is now being dubbed one of the city’s largest cash heists, as thieves reportedly plundered a staggering sum of up to $30 million during an audacious burglary on Easter Sunday. The incident unfolded at a money storage facility nestled in the heart of San Fernando Valley, exposing a major breach of security.

Commander Elaine Morales of the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that the burglary, which transpired on Sunday night at a facility in Sylmar, targeted a hub where cash from various businesses across the region is processed and safeguarded.

The perpetrators managed to infiltrate the building and gain access to the fortified safe housing the substantial amount of money, Morales disclosed. Law enforcement sources have indicated that this heist ranks among the city’s largest in terms of cash stolen, eclipsing any prior armored-car robberies.

Details surrounding the break-in remain shrouded in mystery. Sources familiar with the investigation disclosed to The Times that a burglary crew allegedly breached the roof of the Gardaworld building on Roxford Street to reach the vault. However, questions linger over how they circumvented the alarm system.

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The Canada-based security company overseeing the facility has yet to comment on the incident despite mounting inquiries. It wasn’t until the operators of the business unlocked the vault on Monday that the extensive theft was uncovered, highlighted by a conspicuous gash on the building’s exterior captured by an ABC-7 TV news helicopter.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the scene, with detectives from the LAPD’s Mission Division station combing for evidence amidst the aftermath. Sources within law enforcement revealed efforts to breach both the building’s side and roof during the burglary. Though alarms were reportedly triggered, they weren’t linked to local authorities.

The sheer magnitude of the stolen cash suggests an elaborate operation executed by a seasoned crew well-versed in navigating secure facilities undetected. Experts speculate that insider knowledge may have played a pivotal role, as seen in similar high-profile heists worldwide.

The FBI and LAPD have launched an extensive joint investigation into the heist, striving to ascertain the full extent of the missing funds and to track down those responsible.

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