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West Asia Explores New Alignments As US Commitment To The Region Dilutes

NEW DELHI: West Asia is in ferment with old alliances under pressure, forcing the leaders of the region to explore new alignments and possible partnerships. In this chat on The Gist, veteran diplomat Talmiz Ahmad looks at the political and diplomatic churn in the region and spotlights the role and motivation of key players.

In his view, the uninspiring US response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine combined with its shambolic departure from Afghanistan last year, has pressed a rethink among long standing allies like the UAE and Egypt. There was the first ever trilateral summit they held with Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennet where they discussed the impact of Ukraine on the region and economic cooperation.

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Russia and China are two major beneficiaries of the US reluctance to get involved in the region. While Russia is already serving as a security provider in Syria, China is focusing on economic cooperation through the BRI.

Ambassador Ahmad warns that India needs to bring greater focus and planning in its outreach to the region if it hopes to play a meaningful role. He also calls for greater integration of the domestic with foreign policy.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Ambassador Talmiz Ahmad.


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