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‘U.S. Shouldn’t Turn A Blind Eye To Pak-backed Khalistanis, It Could Affect China Confrontation’

NEW DELHI:  Dr Aparna Pande, Director of the Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia at the Hudson Institute and co-author of the U.S. think tank’s report, ‘Pakistan’s Destabilisation Playbook: Khalistan Separatist Activism Within the U.S.’ in discussion with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

The Hudson Institute report is co-authored by the study group on Kashmir and Khalistan movements: Dr Aparna Pande, Hudson Institute; Dr Christine Fair, Georgetown University; Sam Westrop, Middle East Forum; Seth Oldmixon, Liberty South Asia; Michael Rubin, AEI; Husain Haqqani, Hudson Institute.

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