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Kissinger @ 100 : Conspiracy, Violence & Disregard For Human Rights

 Kissinger @ 100 : Conspiracy, Violence & Disregard For Human Rights
Heinz Alfred Kissinger, better known to the world as Henry Kissinger, hit the headlines when he turned 100 on May 27, 2023. Less than two months later, he made news again when he flew to Beijing July 18-20, 52 years after his secret visit to the city in July 1971 to pave the way for then US President Richard Nixon to normalise relations with China. Kissinger was 16 when he migrated to the US with his family to flee Nazi Germany, and excelled academically, earning his masters and a PhD from Harvard University. Drafted into the Army, his fluency in German led to his induction in the military intelligence section and then the counter-intelligence corps, where he led a team in Hanover tasked with tracking down Nazi sympathisers. He also taught at the European Command Intelligence School, which also doubled as an interrogation centre....Read More


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