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WTO ‘Geneva Package’: India’s Gains, Losses, Future Negotiations At World Trade Body

NEW DELHI: On #TheGist, Ambassador Jayant Dasgupta, India’s Former Envoy to the World Trade Organisation(WTO) and Ex Secretary, PM’s Economic Advisory Council in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

Ambassador Dasgupta discusses the World Trade Organisation’s 12th ministerial conference (#MC12) outcomes, India’s gains and losses, agriculture, fisheries subsidies, Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), trade through electronic transmissions, a permanent solution to public stockholding (PSH), food security, WFP exemption on export restrictions, the peace clause, export waivers for public stock at Minimum Support Prices (MSP), government-to-government transactions, waiver for new crops and programmes, subsidies for illegal, unreported, unregulated ( IUU) fishing, overfished stocks, fuel subsidies, TRIPS waivers for Covid vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, developed and developing countries, LDC, China at WTO.


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