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‘AI Will Be Transformative, India Needs To Seize The Moment’

NEW DELHI: The ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India is not there including technologies, computing and processing power. But this country does have talent, and talent which is in demand the world over, says Dr C Raja Mohan, Sr. Fellow of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New Delhi. He was on The Gist show talking about AI, where India stands and what it needs to do to ensure it is not left behind in the coming technological explosion. He referred to Prime Minister Modi’s address at the recent Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, where he had promised that infrastructure would not be an issue as the government was seized of the challenges ahead. Dr Raja Mohan pointed to the recent conference on AI at Bletchley Park in the UK, the European Union’s regulations on AI and the UN General Assembly resolution on the same, underscoring the speed with which AI was spreading and therefore the need for India to stay abreast of developments. Tune in for more in this conversation with Dr C Raja Mohan.

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