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‘There Are No Easy Solutions To Taiwan’s China Challenge’

NEW DELHI:Taiwan is caught between multiple dilemmas vis a vis China: the desire to continue doing good business there against the need to stop the flow of semiconductors and other high technologies. Continued investment in China may even provide some insurance against a Beijing decision to take the island by force.

These are some of the thoughts and ideas that Nitin Gokhale, Editor in Chief StratNews Global, encountered during a recent visit to Taipei. Talking on The Gist, he also pointed to the defensive measures Taiwan is taking, such as civil defence measures and the strengthening of the 100,000 strong military.

Side by side, Taiwan’s political and bureaucratic leadership believes that by allowing the world to invest and giving them a stake in the island’s success, they are helping build deterrence against a Chinese invasion.

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Taiwan is opening up to India, with over 3000 students studying STEM courses. There are also Indian diplomats studying Mandarin there. Bilateral trade and investment have also gone up although the potential is vast.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Nitin Gokhale.