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‘Putin Is Ignoring History, He Cannot Win This War’

NEW DELHI: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is now in its fourth week. The fighting has been intense with major cities coming under artillery attack. The exodus of civilians is now, according to some estimates, three million. The Russians have shown no signs of letting up although talks with the Ukrainians are on for a settlement.

The problem here is President Putin and his vision of a new slavic order under Russia, argues Kristina Spohr, professor of international relations at the London School of Economics. Interviewed on The Gist, Prof. Spohr says Russia’s neighbours do not want to return to the days of Moscow’s domination.

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She warns that there is no guarantee Russia will win this war. Ukrainian forces are playing to their strengths, which comprise small sized operations that appear to have slowed if not halted the Russian advance.

Tune in for more in this chat with Prof. Kristina Spohr.