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‘Prolonged Wars, Conflicts With No UN Intervention Underscores Serious Crisis’

NEW DELHI: The Ukraine war is now in its second year, and the fighting in Sudan’s capital between the army and a paramilitary force is two months old and spreading to other parts of the country. Yet there is no intervention by the UN, no presence of UN peacekeepers despite a horrific toll in human lives. For that matter, the nearly decade old Yemen civil war saw no UN intervention. What explains this?

Lt. Gen. Shailesh Tinaikar, former UN force commander in South Sudan, believes there is a crisis that needs to be resolved. In a chat on The Gist, he spoke about the UN system and the preponderant power wielded by the Security Council. This becomes problematic when one or more of the P-5 heavyweights are involved in the conflict, which is the case in Ukraine.

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There is also the curious case of Congo, which despite having an elected government, also sees UN peacekeepers stationed in various parts of the country. This has been the case since decades.


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