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‘Laying The Ground For A Renewed India UK Defence Relationship’

NEW DELHI: A defence workshop jointly organised in London by the International Institute for Strategic Studies and Bharatshakti, saw a free and frank dialogue on the state of the bilateral military relationship and the way forward.

Stratnewsglobal‘s Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale, took part in the dialogue in his capacity as editorial chief  of Bharatshakti. Answering questions on The Gist, he said the UK is keen to have a role in India’s growing defence industrial sector.  Although a jet engine project involving Rolls Royce and the DRDO has not progressed much, there is scope in other areas such as advanced materials, in electric propulsion for ships and so on.

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The Brits also indicated they were willing to share their  experience with information warfare. The British Army has an Information Warfare Brigade which has developed considerable expertise in this area.

Tune in for more in this chat with Nitin A. Gokhale.