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‘Japan’s Defence Budget Sends Multiple Signals’

NEW DELHI: Japan’s unprecedented $320 billion defence budget and security strategy underscores its unease over China’s growing power and aggression in its littoral waters. The Ukraine crisis has magnified those concerns: could China attempt in its neighbourhood, what Russia is doing? Dr. Satoru Nagao, visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute and a specialist on the US-Japan-India security partnership, in this chat on The Gist, lays out what concerns were uppermost in Tokyo’s mind when this strategy was formulated. It marks perhaps the end of Japan’s ‘Pacifist, no war’ approach, and hints at preparation for possible conflict. Japan sees India as a key player in this strategy, and one will have to see if Tokyo gives up its reluctance to sell advanced weapon systems and equipment. Also tech transfer given that is the Indian mantra. More to the point, does this mark the gradual transformation of the Quad into a military alliance? Tune in to this conversation with Dr. Satoru Nagao.

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