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‘Iran And The US Have Struck A Deal, But It’s Entirely Unwritten’

NEW DELHI: This could be the harbinger of a new form of diplomacy: Iran and the US have reportedly reached an understanding on the sensitive nuclear issue. This understanding is unique, says West Asia scholar and former Ambassador Talmiz Ahmad answering questions on The Gist. This is an unwritten agreement/understanding, an entirely new one which has nothing to do with the existing nuclear deal (known as JCPOA) that former President Trump junked. The new one limits Iran’s enrichment of natural uranium to 60%, ensures release of American prisoners and no attacks on US targets in the region by Iran or its proxies. In return Iran gets access to funds frozen in the wake of Trump’s sanctions, but as Ambassador Talmiz notes, the sanctions regime remains in place. This is because Iran is a very sensitive issue with US public opinion, not to mention Congress which can be expected to oppose any deal with Iran. The beauty of this arrangement is that it allows the US and Iran to move forward without Biden having to refer to Congress. Tune in for more in this conversation with Talmiz Ahmad, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Oman.

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