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‘Interstellar Will Fill A Gap In Media Coverage Of Space, Related Technology And Industry’

NEW DELHI: Welcome to Interstellar.News from the stable of StratNews Global and BharatShakti. In this chat on The Gist with Chaitanya Giri, Editor of the new website, we get an introduction to what Interstellar will bring to viewers and readers. But first off, why Interstellar? Giri points to recent developments concerning the space sector in India, with the government opening it up to private industry and investment. This flows from the realisation that the Indian Space Research Organisation alone cannot drive the space programme. Space activities are getting increasingly complex with new niche areas opening up, technology issues are growing and competition is hotting up. If India is to emerge as a major space player, it needs to have a broad and viable infrastructure on the ground from where expertise and skills can be developed. Tune in for more in this chat with Chaitanya Giri, Editor of Interstellar.News.

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