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‘India’s Investment Prospects Are Good But Be Alert To Competition’

NEW DELHI: There is growing interest among investors in the US, in India as an investment destination, says Nivruti Rai, Managing Director and CEO of Invest India, the government backed agency. Rai, who took over the top job in Invest India in July, was on The Gist, answering questions on India as an FDI destination at a time when the decoupling from China is gathering steam. Rai believes this is a good time for India to capitalise on this window and shape policy to ensure foreign investors come to this country. She commended the PLI (Production-Linked-Incentive) scheme as offering a competitive alternative to those corporates scouting opportunities in India.  She also argued that PLI is a good “short term” measure to boost investment, yet care must be taken to ensure it does not become an excuse for local industry to avoid doing the work required to become internationally competitive. Tune in for more in this conversation with Nivruti Rai, Managing Director Invest India.

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