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‘India Has Developed Capabilities For Evacuating Nationals From War Torn Areas’

NEW DELHI: India holds the world record for evacuating civilians from war torn Iraq in 1990, over 1,70,000 of them. Comparatively, the Sudan evacuation is very modest, so far a little over 500 have been moved out and more are expected to follow but nowhere near the 1990 figure. But Sudan is important to understand how India’s capabilities have improved over the years, says Vice Adm. Anup Singh, former Eastern Navy Commander who was involved in the 2006 evacuation of Indians from Lebanon. Speaking on The Gist, he detailed the nuts and bolts of such operations involving civilian and military agencies, how plans are drawn up, who coordinates and what are the timelines. In the case of Sudan, a 3-day truce is in force which expires on Thursday, so it raises the question as to what happens then to those still stranded there. Tune in for more in this chat with Vice Admiral Anup Singh, former Eastern Navy Commander.

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