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‘Bhutan Cannot Deal With China And Ignore India’s Security Concerns’

NEW DELHI: Is Bhutan looking to sign a border deal with China? Does it see India as an obstacle? Is Bhutan taking India for granted? These questions were triggered by Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotay Tsering’s comments recently, which are the focus on today’s Gist. Gen. Narasimhan, former member of the NSAB, believes that Tsering’s remark about China being ready for a border deal hints that India is the obstacle here. His denial that the Chinese have encroached on Bhutanese territory contradicts reports that the ancestral lands of the king in the north have been compromised by the Chinese. Gen. Narasimhan says India would in all likelihood have told King Kesar Wangchuk that Bhutan would need to respect India’s security concerns over areas like Doklam.and others Tune in for more in this chat with Lt. Gen. Narasimhan on The Gist.


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