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U.S. Strategy For Indo-Pacific: What It Means For India

NEW DELHI: The Trump administration, on January 12, declassified a ten-page document on its Indo-Pacific strategy, including ‘accelerating India’s rise,’ blocking China from establishing ‘illiberal spheres of influence,’ and maintaining ‘U.S. strategic primacy’ in the region. The document and strategy, approved in February 2018, has an original ‘Declassify On’ date of December 31, 2042.

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On ‘Talking Point’, Ambassador Kanwal Sibal, India’s Former Foreign Secretary and Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd.), India’s Former Chief of the Naval Staff discuss the U.S.’ Indo-Pacific strategy, what policy threads the Biden administration is likely to pick up in constraining an aggressive Chinese Communist Party (CCP), how Beijing will react and what all of this means for India. The panellists are in discussion with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.