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“Early, Complete Disengagement In Remaining Areas First, Then India-China NSA/Special Reps Can Meet”

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point‘, Jayadeva Ranade, China Specialist and President of the Centre for China Analysis & Strategy in discussion with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi.

Mr Ranade discusses China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s meetings in Delhi with NSA and Special Representative(SR) on the boundary question, Ajit Doval and Minister of External Affairs Dr S. Jaishankar. India has told China of the “need to take forward early and complete disengagement in remaining areas and to remove impediments to allow the bilateral relationship to take its natural course” as a “continuation of the present situation is not in both countries’ mutual interest.” Though, there is a “need to continue positive interactions at diplomatic and military levels for restoration of peace and tranquility, which is a prerequisite for normalisation” and “the restoration of peace & tranquility will help build mutual trust, create an enabling environment for progress in relations,” Delhi added there is a need to ‘ensure that actions do not violate the spirit of equal and mutual security” and “work in the same direction to resolve outstanding issues as quickly as possible”. China’s Foreign Minister invited the NSA/SR to visit China to take forward the mandate of the SRs. The “NSA responded positively to the invitation and stated that he could visit after immediate issues are resolved successfully.”

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The panel discusses both countries talking about Ukraine and Afghanistan, the “falsehood and misrepresentation” in Wang Yi’s statements and resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir and India at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Pakistan, the Chinese Minister’s visit to Kabul and the current global geo-political situation.