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Israel: Turkey Has Chosen To Support Hamas, Comes With Economic Price

Israel’s foreign minister said that Turkey has “unilaterally violated” trade agreements with its decision to restrict exports to Israel, and that Israel will respond with its own trade restrictions on products coming from Turkey. Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan “is again sacrificing the economic interests of the people of Turkey […]Read More

SNG Daily: Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation Grow Louder; Local Elections Deliver Massive Setback To Erdogan

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation And Fresh Elections Grow Louder Voices of protest in Israel are growing louder. In one of the biggest demonstrations since Israel’s air strikes in Gaza following the October 7 attacks, Netanyahu faces opposition on multiple fronts which can threaten […]Read More

Erdogan Pays Heavy Electoral Price As Turkey Battles High Inflation

Turkey voters have red-flagged the ruling Justice and Development Party or AKP, of President Erdogan. He has for the first time lost to the main opposition in the municipal elections. The Republican People’s Party or CHP not only retained its control over the capital Ankara, but also the country’s biggest city Istanbul. It also made […]Read More

Moscow Attack: Two Gunmen Came To Russia From Turkey?

MOSCOW: A senior Turkish security official confirmed on Tuesday that two of the assailants involved in the Moscow attack had spent a “short amount of time” in Turkey before travelling together to Russia on March 2. One of the attackers entered Turkey on February 20, checked into a hotel in Istanbul’s Fatih district the next […]Read More