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How India ‘Mapped’ Pakistan’s Designs On Siachen

‘Apne mian ko mat jaane do Col Kumar ke saath’ Had it not been for a German expedition wishing to go rafting on the Indus River in North-west India’s Ladakh region in 1975, this book would not have been written! Thanks to that expedition, Col Narinder “Bull” Kumar, India’s most famous military mountaineer came in […]Read More

The Back Story Of ‘Beyond NJ 9842: The Siachen Saga’

Next week on Baisakhi, it will be four decades since India launched ‘Operation Meghdoot’ to foil Pakistani designs and gain full control of the Siachen glacier. To date, it remains the Indian Army’s longest deployment, one that continues. A decade ago, a book titled ‘Beyond NJ 9842: The Siachen Saga’ was published. Set on the […]Read More

Indian Air Force’s China Challenge In Ladakh And A Slice Of Tibet

The Indian Air Force’s Leh base. The challenge from the China and Pakistan two-front threat. Protecting India’s borders from Chinese aggression. And preserving Tibet’s Buddhism from Chinese repression. Those are the subjects of this documentary. In ‘The Himalayan Frontier’ Part VII here’s a look at Shakti & Shanti (Power & Peace) in Ladakh. We record […]Read More

Siachen Glacier—A Triangular Wedge In The Pakistan, China Threat At The World’s Third Pole

The Siachen Glacier is a critical, strategic triangle that India has wedged between Pakistan and China. That happened in April 1984, when India foiled Pakistan’s preparations to militarily occupy the Siachen Glacier. The surprise move pre-empted the Pakistan Army’s Operation Ababeel. In fact, this year, 2024, is the 40th anniversary of Operation Meghdoot. Given that, […]Read More