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Does The US Have Stomach For A War: China Is Asking

There’s an unspoken question China’s President Xi is asking: does the US have the stomach for war with China? He’s probably yet to make up his mind but there’s little doubt his maneuvers in the South China Sea, backing Iran as it flexes muscle in the Persian Gulf and support for Russia in Ukraine, are […]Read More

How, When Will Iran Strike Back At Israel For Embassy Bombing?

Iran is in no mood to either forget the bombing of its mission in Damascus earlier this month or to forgive Israel. The message from the country’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei—the country’s highest authority—was unambiguous. “When the Zionist regime attacks the Iranian consulate in Syria, it is as if it attacked our soil. This […]Read More

SNG Daily: Without Russia, Ukraine Peace Summit A ‘Complete Circus’; Japan PM Says Hopes Of Ukraine Will Collapse If…

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Putin: Without Russia, Ukraine Peace Summit A ‘Complete Circus’ Overnight attacks have hit a huge power plant in Ukraine causing massive disruption across the war-ravaged nation. Putin’s response to that – Russia had to. Speaking to his ally Belarus’s President Lukashenko, the Russian […]Read More

With An Eye On Sanctions, Chinese Banks Asking Russian Clients Tough Questions

Two Russian news sources reported on Friday that Russian companies are increasingly struggling to make payments to China. They mentioned that especially transactions for electronic components are being impacted. According to the news outlet Kommersant, some Chinese banks have started to block payments from Russia since late March, affecting the purchase of essential electronics like […]Read More

SNG Daily: Netanyahu’s Approach To War A ‘Mistake’, Says Biden; China Calls US Remarks on AUKUS And Taiwan ‘Dangerous’

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. ‘Dangerous’: China Questions US Comments On Taiwan And AUKUS The US deputy Secretary of State’s comments have drawn a sharp reaction from China. Kurt Campbell made a rare linkage between AUKUS and Taiwan when he indicated the AUKUS submarine project between Australia, Britain […]Read More

Russia, China To Fight Together Against Terrorism

Russian government has said that it will continue to cooperate with China in the fight against terrorism as part of their ever-strengthening relationship. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said after meeting his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. “I thank the Chinese side for their condolences in connection with the terrorist attack in the Moscow region on March […]Read More

SNG Daily: Russia’s Foreign Minister In China To Discuss Ukraine, Asia-Pacific; Israel Withdraws More Soldiers From Gaza

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Iran’s Foreign Minister In Syria, Israel Says Ready For Any Iran Scenario A week after the deadly attack on its embassy compound in Syria that killed seven advisors, including a senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Iran’s Foreign Minister is visiting Damascus. Hossein […]Read More

Slovakia Elects A New Pro-Russian President

Voters in Slovakia have chosen Peter Pellegrini as the new president. He secured the win against pro-West career diplomat Ivan Korcok in a runoff election held on Saturday. Pellegrini won 53% of the vote, while Korčok received 47%. Pellegrini, a former prime minister, is an ally of current PM Robert Fico, and shares the government’s […]Read More

NATO Readying For Lead Role In Ukraine?

Is NATO seeking to do the heavy lifting in the Ukraine war?  With the $60 million aid package for Kyiv still stalled in the US Congress, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has proposed a $100 billion fund that would bring a measure of stability and assurance in the supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The […]Read More

India Is Now A Space Superpower, Says Russian Diplomat

Indians and foreigners from all walks of life thronged to the Russian center to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Indian to go into space, Rakesh Sharma. The event organised by the Russian mission, showed various still pictures of Sharma posing with his fellow Russian cosmonauts before and after the flight. Speaking at the event, […]Read More

Russia May Return To Era Of ‘Great Terror’?

Is Russia on the brink of a new era, one that may resemble the Great Terror launched by dictator Josef Stalin in the 1930s that saw thousands perish in the Gulag? The brutal treatment meted out in public to the four Tajiks who killed more than 100 people near Moscow last week, and the general […]Read More

SNG Daily: Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation Grow Louder; Local Elections Deliver Massive Setback To Erdogan

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Calls For Netanyahu’s Resignation And Fresh Elections Grow Louder Voices of protest in Israel are growing louder. In one of the biggest demonstrations since Israel’s air strikes in Gaza following the October 7 attacks, Netanyahu faces opposition on multiple fronts which can threaten […]Read More

France Asks China To Send A ‘Clear Message’ To Russia

France has told China that it wants Beijing to send a “very clear message” to Russia over its war in Ukraine. Both the countries have strengthened ties and during the meetings in February, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told President Emmanuel Macron that Beijing appreciated his country’s “independent” stance. French foreign minister Stephane Sejourne who […]Read More

Russia Asks Ukraine To Handover Security Service Chief

Russia has asked Ukraine to handover Vasyl Maliuk, the head of the country’s SBU Security Service and others connected with terror acts committed in Russia. The Ukraine government termed the demand as “pointless”. The Russian foreign ministry in a statement listed out incidents that have happened since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and said […]Read More