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Imported Vs Indigenous Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned atomic energy company, says it is in talks with its Indian counterpart to sell 200MW small modular reactors (SMR). An article in Businessline said Evgeny Pakermanov, chief of Rosatom Overseas, did not give details, only affirming Russia’s expertise in building SMRs, that these offered small building timelines (4 years) and consumed less […]Read More

Anil Kakodkar: Nuclear Power Should be Scaled Up

The loading of fuel into the 500MW Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakkam recently is a signal moment, says Dr Anil Kakodkar, former chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission. Speaking on The Gist show, he said it came on the back of over 20 years of effort by Indian atomic scientists. It will generate more […]Read More