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US Expects Missile Strike On Israel by Iran, Proxies

The United States along with allies believe that the Iranian government or its proxies would soon strike against military and government targets in Israel, Bloomberg reported. The report added that Iran may launch high-precision missiles in the coming days and it is a matter of when and not if. New reports surfaced yesterday saying that […]Read More

Israel Blocks GPS, Cancels Leaves For Soldiers

The Israeli government has announced that it was cancelling leave for soldiers serving with combat units. It has also blocked GPS in order to disrupt missiles and drones launched from neighbouring countries. This comes as tensions are on the rise with Iran following an Israeli strike on its consulate building in Syria killed 13 people, […]Read More

Biden To Netanyahu: Protect Gaza Civilians, Or Else

US President Joe Biden effectively gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an ultimatum on Thursday: Protect Palestinian civilians and foreign aid workers in Gaza or Washington could rein in support for Israel in its war against Hamas militants. The message, after months of U.S. calls for Israel to change its military tactics that have killed […]Read More

UK Judges Urge Britain To Halt Arm Sales To Israel

Three former Supreme Court justices have joined more than 600 members of the British legal profession in calling for the government to halt arms sales to Israel, saying it could make Britain complicit in genocide in Gaza. Echoing the growing number of opposition politicians who have called for a halt to British arms sales, the […]Read More

Who Is The Iranian General Killed In Damascus?

The Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria has left at least 11 people dead and among them is Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi. Zahedi is the highest-ranking Iranian military official to be killed since the January 2020 assassination of General Qassem Suleimani in Baghdad carried out by Israeli government. Zahedi was a senior […]Read More

US State Department Official Resigns in Protest On Gaza

Annelle Sheline, a West Asia analyst at the state department has become the latest person to leave her post in opposition to US President Joe Biden’s Israel policy. Her announcement comes at a time the UN has warned of a famine. In a column for CNN, Sheline said, “Whatever credibility the United States had as an […]Read More

UK Parliamentarians Urge Govt To Stop Arms Sale to Israel

A letter signed by over 130 parliamentarians in the UK has urged the government to urgently ban arms sales to Israel. The letter sent to foreign secretary, David Cameron, has highlighted actions of other countries like Canada who have halted arms exports to Tel Aviv. The letter has been coordinated by Labour MP Zarah Sultana […]Read More