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US Expects Missile Strike On Israel by Iran, Proxies

The United States along with allies believe that the Iranian government or its proxies would soon strike against military and government targets in Israel, Bloomberg reported. The report added that Iran may launch high-precision missiles in the coming days and it is a matter of when and not if. New reports surfaced yesterday saying that […]Read More

Biden: Israel Has Not Done Enough To Protect Aid Workers

It’s the strongest criticism yet of PM Netanyahu and Israel from its strongest ally. President Joe Biden, in an interview with Univision, has said he doesn’t agree with Netanyahu’s approach to the conflict. “So I think what he’s (Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) doing is a mistake,” said Biden in the interview. “I don’t agree […]Read More

UN Has Been Sabotaging Peace In West Asia For Years: Israel

Six months into the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, a different battle is playing out at the United Nations. The Palestinians have formally sought that an application moved by them in 2011 to become a UN member, be reconsidered by the Security Council. Palestine is currently a non-member observer state. “It was sent to the Security […]Read More

SNG Daily: Russia’s Foreign Minister In China To Discuss Ukraine, Asia-Pacific; Israel Withdraws More Soldiers From Gaza

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Iran’s Foreign Minister In Syria, Israel Says Ready For Any Iran Scenario A week after the deadly attack on its embassy compound in Syria that killed seven advisors, including a senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Iran’s Foreign Minister is visiting Damascus. Hossein […]Read More

Israel Govt Says Prepared To Handle Any Iran Scenario

Israel is ready to handle any scenario that may arise with Iran, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said on Sunday, after Tehran threatened to retaliate for the killing of Iranian generals on April 1. An Iranian official said earlier that Israeli embassies were not safe, and a semi-official news agency published a graphic showing weapons it […]Read More

UN Top Court To Hear ‘Genocide’ Case Against Germany

The UN top court will hear a case filed by Nicaragua accusing Germany of supporting genocide and asking the International Court of Justice to adopt measures immediately for Berlin to stop supplying Israel with weapons. The German government has hit back rejecting the allegations. “Germany has violated neither the Genocide Convention nor international humanitarian law and […]Read More