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How India ‘Mapped’ Pakistan’s Designs On Siachen

‘Apne mian ko mat jaane do Col Kumar ke saath’ Had it not been for a German expedition wishing to go rafting on the Indus River in North-west India’s Ladakh region in 1975, this book would not have been written! Thanks to that expedition, Col Narinder “Bull” Kumar, India’s most famous military mountaineer came in […]Read More

Siachen Glacier—A Triangular Wedge In The Pakistan, China Threat At The World’s Third Pole

The Siachen Glacier is a critical, strategic triangle that India has wedged between Pakistan and China. That happened in April 1984, when India foiled Pakistan’s preparations to militarily occupy the Siachen Glacier. The surprise move pre-empted the Pakistan Army’s Operation Ababeel. In fact, this year, 2024, is the 40th anniversary of Operation Meghdoot. Given that, […]Read More