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In Gaza, What Does Eid Mean In Times Of War?

On Eid, a minar is all that remains of the al-Farouk mosque in Rafah in southern Gaza, now home to over a million war displaced. As children run around with infectious joy atop the bombed structure, the happiness has more to do with sighting a drone camera than with festivities. The holy month of Ramzan […]Read More

Israel: Turkey Has Chosen To Support Hamas, Comes With Economic Price

Israel’s foreign minister said that Turkey has “unilaterally violated” trade agreements with its decision to restrict exports to Israel, and that Israel will respond with its own trade restrictions on products coming from Turkey. Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan “is again sacrificing the economic interests of the people of Turkey […]Read More

Israel Sacks 2 Officers For Strike On Aid Workers

An Israeli inquiry into the killing of seven aid workers in an air strike in Gaza this week found serious errors and breaches of procedure by the military, with the result that two officers have been dismissed and senior commanders formally reprimanded. The inquiry found Israeli forces mistakenly believed they were attacking Hamas gunmen when […]Read More

UK Judges Urge Britain To Halt Arm Sales To Israel

Three former Supreme Court justices have joined more than 600 members of the British legal profession in calling for the government to halt arms sales to Israel, saying it could make Britain complicit in genocide in Gaza. Echoing the growing number of opposition politicians who have called for a halt to British arms sales, the […]Read More

Israel Says Gaza Aid Convoy Air Strike Not Deliberate

An Israeli cabinet minister has termed as “nonsense” the allegations that Israeli forces deliberately targeted the seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza. WCK founder José Andrés in an interview has said that Israeli forces had targeted his workers “systematically, car by car”. Nir Barkat, Israel’s minister of economy, told the BBC […]Read More

US Says It Has Hit Houthi Drones Over Red Sea

The U.S. military said Sunday its forces destroyed a drone in a Houthi rebel-held area of war-ravaged Yemen and another over a crucial shipping route in the Red Sea. It was the latest development in months of tension between the Iran-backed rebels and the U.S. The drones, which were destroyed Saturday morning, posed a threat […]Read More

SNG Daily: Putin Said Russia Won’t Attack A NATO Country; Colombia Is Expelling Argentine Diplomats

Your one-stop destination for all the top international stories of the day. Colombia Is Expelling Argentine Diplomats And It Has A Milei Connection Argentina’s President Javier Milei isn’t new to controversies and now the latest one will see his diplomats being expelled from Colombia. In a recent interview with CNN, Milei called Colombian President Gustavo […]Read More

US State Department Official Resigns in Protest On Gaza

Annelle Sheline, a West Asia analyst at the state department has become the latest person to leave her post in opposition to US President Joe Biden’s Israel policy. Her announcement comes at a time the UN has warned of a famine. In a column for CNN, Sheline said, “Whatever credibility the United States had as an […]Read More

US To Continue Airdropping Aid Into Gaza

The United States has said that it would continue air dropping aid into Gaza, despite calls for stopping the practice after 18 people died trying to reach food packages. The UN has warned that at least one-third of the people are on the brink of a “man-made famine” after nearly six months of war. Hamas […]Read More