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Punches In Parliament, Street Protests: All Over Georgia Foreign Agent Bill

Thousands of Georgians protested and lawmakers came to blows as ruling party legislators gave the initial go-ahead for debate on a bill on “foreign agents” that has been criticised by Western and domestic critics as Russian-inspired. More than 5,000 demonstrators massed outside Georgia’s Soviet-built parliament building, demanding the government withdraw the legislation requiring organisations that […]Read More

NATO Readying For Lead Role In Ukraine?

Is NATO seeking to do the heavy lifting in the Ukraine war?  With the $60 million aid package for Kyiv still stalled in the US Congress, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has proposed a $100 billion fund that would bring a measure of stability and assurance in the supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The […]Read More

Hungary’s Orbán Congratulates Putin on Winning Russian Elections

Hungary’s populist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his victory in an election that was criticized by most Western leaders. Orbán, widely seen as Putin’s closest ally in the European Union, sent the letter of congratulations to Putin on Thursday after the release of official election results in Russia, according […]Read More