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Biden Condemns Iran Attacks Against Israel, Pledges G7 Response

US President Joe Biden has condemned Iranian attacks on military facilities in Israel, pledging a coordinated G7 diplomatic response. The United States had helped Israel take down “nearly all” of the attacking drones and missiles, he said in a statement. Biden, who cut short a trip to Delaware and returned to Washington to meet advisers, […]Read More

Iran Launches Air Attacks Against Israel, Days After Khamenei Warning

Two weeks after its embassy in Damasus was bombed allegedly by Israeli fighter jets, Iran launched drones and fired missiles at Israel in its first direct attack on Israeli territory. Sirens rang out in Israel and bangs were heard from what local media called aerial interceptions of explosive drones. Authorities said a 7-year-old girl was critically […]Read More

Myanmar Opposition Claims Drone Attacks On Military Headquarters

In Myanmar, the main pro-democracy resistance group has claimed its armed wing launched drone attacks on the airport and a military headquarters in capital Naypyitaw but the country’s ruling military said it destroyed the drones as they attacked. The opposition National Unity Government ‘s “Defence Ministry” said in a statement that special units of the […]Read More